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Educating our community with evidence-based information about mental health challenges, treatments, and resources.

Educational Content


Let's Talk Colonialism

@letstalkcolonialism is a partnering  instagram page dedicated to educating all generations of people on the history of colonialism and the extent of its impact on modern BIPOC mental health issues.

Want to join the creators of this instagram page? Send us a message to @letstalkcolonialism on instagram!

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Mental Health Glossary

Mental Health is a complex space with a unique vocabulary. This glossary is intended to be an educational tool for our community to better understand frequently used terminology.

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Research & Articles

WE ARE SAATH prioritizes research to educate ourselves on all issues, including mental health. This page includes articles and resources we have found to be helpful, and may be helpful for you as well.

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Our goal at WE ARE SAATH is to make dialogues and discussions on mental health accessible for everyone. We've created various toolkits available to download for you!

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Speaker Series

Hosted by members of the Providers Team, the Speaker Series is an opportunity to hear from professionals about various topics and issues relevant to South Asian mental health.

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