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Mobilizing communities around mental health awareness and highlighting its intersectionality with cross-cultural issues in social justice.

Our Projects

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Black Lives Matter

As a movement for liberation, we have no higher purpose than to dismantle interconnected systems of power that dishonor, degrade, and destroy Black Lives. An attack on one minority is an attack on all minorities.
Our quest for mental health justice cannot exist without your vision for a free world. We will do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served. And until then, we will not stop. We will not sit in silence and watch our allied communities be mistreated, oppressed, and murdered.

If you are a Black artist/creator, Black- owned business, or a member of the Black community that would liked to be promoted or featured on our social media, reach out to WE ARE SAATH on any of our social media pages so that we can promote you and your work. It's time for Black voices to be heard and uplifted.

To everyone: WE ARE SAATH will continue to post BLM content on our social media platforms. If you would like to join our team to focus your energy on Black Lives Matter related content, reach out to us via our social media or email us at

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Dialogue Circles

The WAS Dialogue Circles are a space where individuals from all backgrounds and experiences can come together and share their perspectives and ideas on mental health and wellness.
These dialogues are meant to facilitate vulnerability and thoughtfulness around difficult topics within mental health. We would love to see people of all backgrounds, ages, experiences, and identities participating in these dialogues to bring their own knowledge and power to the conversation.
Our own vision for these dialogues is to help participants explore the intersection of mental health with various other facets of the South Asian community, such as gender, SES, sexuality, age, caste, technology, and culture. Every month we plan to host a one-hour virtual dialogue circle related to a specific topic. If you would like to join our monthly dialogue circles, please submit your name and email below, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email from a member of our team shortly with more information on next steps.

Social Media

WE ARE SAATH uses our social media platforms to:

- speak up for human rights, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, etc.
- increase access to mental health resources to the South Asian community through education, activism, and storytelling
- Build a network and community of activists

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Let's Talk Colonialism

@letstalkcolonialism is a partnering  instagram page dedicated to educating all generations of people on the history of colonialism and the extent of its impact on modern BIPOC mental health issues.

Want to join the creators of this instagram page? Send us a message to @letstalkcolonialism on instagram!

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Project Saathi

Saathi aims to connect our members and allies from across the nation and even the world with each other. Once it is launched, you will be able to sign up and receive either a random buddy or a buddy selected based on criteria of your choice. You can receive new buddies on an ongoing basis or continue to have a long term relationship with one buddy.


The program will be fully virtual and at your own convenience. We hope for this program to bring support, connections, and even friendships to the WAS community. Look for more information and sign ups coming soon!

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