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WE ARE SAATH is dedicated to increasing access to mental health resources for the South Asian community through activism, education, and storytelling.

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How we do it.


We mobilize communities around mental health awareness and highlight its intersectionality with cross-cultural issues in social justice.


We educate our community with evidence-based information about mental health challenges, treatments, and resources.


We amplify voices in the South Asian community, creating platforms to share stories.

Why we do it.

The more voices we amplify, the more lives we can save.


Everyday, we hear stories of the stigma around mental health in the South Asian community, and the members of our community pay the price. South Asian Americans have some of the lowest rates of utilizing mental health services, according to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum. The more we mobilize around mental health, the more we educate our community, and the more voices we amplify, the more lives we can save.

Find Resources.

If you're experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call the national suicide hotline immediately at (1-800-273-8255).

WE ARE SAATH is excited to introduce our new Mental Health & Related Resources page. From mental health, to LGBTQ+, to Black Lives Matter resources, this list is comprised of resources for anyone to access.

Join our community of activists to help spread our mission across the globe.

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